Your Carry Journey

You own a gun or are familiar with firearms but want to learn more about how to be a safe and responsible gun owner. LTT Discover can help you with the training and education to help you be properly prepared and protected.


Interviews with people we've helped, who've been in your shoes.

Meet Seth

Seth is an Alaska-native, now in Arizona. Dad to 5 kiddos and fitness coach. Seth grew up around firearms and hunting, but is seeking information, education and tools so that he can safely own and carry a firearm.

Resources to Help You Grow

Maybe it’s something new. Maybe you didn’t even know you wanted to know. These resources will help grow your abilities, enhance your safety procedures and guide you through your carry journey.

Choosing a Safe Holster

Educate yourself on how to make it safer with these three tips.

Learning How to Properly Conceal Carry

Tessah teaches Shelby how to properly conceal carry. The two discuss useful information on how to properly carry and how to find what is best for you.

Finding the Right Gun for You

Aimee and Ernest talk about finding the right gun for you. The Langdon’s bring up important factors on how you find what is right for you. Size, shootability, concealment and how you will carry the gun.

Muzzle Direction & How to Holster Safely

Tessah from Armed and Styled teaches us about muzzle direction and holstering safely.

Your Carry Journey Lifestyle

Resources to help you shape your life around a more empowered, prepared mindset with product recommendations, fitness routines, and more.

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Explore Other Phases of Your Carry Journey

You're considering purchasing a firearm and looking for resources to make the right decision.

You're interested in learning about Concealed Carry and everything you need to carry legally and safely.

You have your CCW and want to fine tune your abilities.

You're looking to improve your physical and mental skills and build a protector mindset.

Discover Dialogues

Insights, thoughts, and discussions led by real people, sharing first-hand their experiences, questions, gear, and their stories of how they got to where they are today.