Beginner Video Series

Beginner Video Series

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Beginner Video Series


Shooting a gun for the first time is very intimidating for a lot of people. Breaking that fear barrier of pulling the trigger and hearing the gun go bang is shocking and intimidating. It's hard to learn and listen to anything when our fears are overcoming our sense. Aqil Qadar from Citizens Safety Academy works with Beginner Shooters often. He has seen, heard and watched many people overcome their fears to be open to learning and understanding. Check out this video from Aqil to hopefully get an understanding of what to expect and then head to your local range! For more information, check out other videos in the Beginner Series: What do I do at the Range with 50 rounds of Ammo?

Video 2
What do I Do at the Range?

In the Beginner Video Series with Aqil Qadar from Citizens Safety Academy gives you a series of things you can practice at the range with 50 rounds of ammo! There are four exercises in this video that are simply suggestions and ideas of what you can practice to become more familiar with your handgun, how it operates and getting comfortable loading, unloading, shooting and holstering. Have a beginner shooter in your life or are you one yourself? Give these a shot and let us know how they help you. You can check out other videos in our Beginner Series too!

Video 3
Assessing Your Target

What does it mean when your shots tend to land in a certain spot and how do you fix it? Ernest Langdon and Aqil Qadar show you how to assess your target based on where the shots land on the target. :52: Low and Left or Low as a Right handed Shooter (Recoil Anticipation and Grip Pressure).

Grip Pressure, Trigger Press and Sight Alignment are important when it comes to shooting. How can you work on these deficiencies in your shooting through dry-fire and at the range? Check out this video and more from the Beginner Video Series and also the Dry-Fire Videos from Ernest and Tessah!

Video 4: How Do I Fix Common Shooting Mistakes?

Fixing Common Shooting Mistakes, Video 4 in the Beginner Shooter Series, but also VERY helpful for all shooters. Where are the sights when you break the shot? Do you micro-flinch? How do you work through it? Check out this video from Ernest Langdon and Aqil Qadar from Citizens Safety Academy as they talk through how to assess your target and make suggestions on how help!