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Women and Concealed Carry (Pt. 1)

We are seeing more and more women (and men) take firearms ownership and/or concealed carry into consideration. In a four part series, Aimee Langdon, Sarah Hauptman and Tessah Gabrielle sit down and talk through the considerations that come into play.

Did you carry everyday when you first started? (Pt. 2)

Nope. For the most part, not everyone starts their carry journey by carrying everyday. Check this out for some of the things that helped these ladies grow in their carry journey.

How Proficient do I need to be? (Pt. 3)

HWhere does my level of proficiency need to be in order to carry? That is up to you - you have to start somewhere and what is the next step for you.

Do I carry chambered or unchambered? Check out what these ladies have to say.

What information should I follow? (Pt. 4)

There is so much information out there - how do you know what to follow? Here's what Sarah, Tessah and Aimee have to say.