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I Want a Firearm, But...

Aimee and Sara discuss the reasons why they both have a desire to carry, how they should carry and the importance of why you should care. Sarah is interested in expanding her Carry Journey.

Finding the Right Gun for You

Aimee and Ernest talk about finding the right gun for you. The Langdons bring up important factors on how you find what is right for you. Size, shootability, concealment and how you will carry the gun.

Be Comfortable and Confident with Safe Gun Handling

Handling a gun is intimidating for first-timers. Check out this video for some tips on how to get comfortable with safe gun handling.

Grip Technique with Ernest Langdon

Grip technique is important when it comes to learning how to grip your firearm. Many different 'techniques' have been taught. Ernest Langdon breaks down one of the most natural and simple forms to get you started with a solid foundation for grip and control of your firearm.

Muzzle Direction and How to Holster Safely

Tessah from Armed and Styled teaches us about muzzle direction and holstering safely.

Beginner's Guide to Ammo

From new shooters and first-time gun owners - this guide should cover everything you need to know before buy your first box of practice ammo.

Carrying Around Kids and Pets

Do you have small kids or dogs that like to jump up? In this video, Tessah talks about the importance of selecting a safe holster as a parent or guardian of children and pets.

Fabric Types and Concealment

Linen, Cotton, Silk, Wool, Cashmere and Fine Merino Wool and non-natural fibers.