Your Carry Journey

You own a gun but are considering carrying. LTT Discover will help you figure out what you need to carry in order to be safe, legal, and properly trained.

People Like You

Interviews with people we’ve helped, who’ve been in your shoes.

Meet Brett & Christy

Brett and Christy are avid hunters, fitness enthusiasts and pro 2A supporters. Brett carries as part of his every day routine and Christy does not. Christy is familiar and comfortable around firearms but not when it comes to her EDC. She wants to start and is looking to grow her education, comfort and confidence when it comes to carrying.

Meet Bill

Bill is a retired Army Vet who is very familiar with firearms. Bill shares his experience of how his carry journey has evolved from his ‘operator life’ into his everyday life with his wife. Tactical versus non-tactical changed his outlook on what made his wife feel more confident and comfortable as it pertains to firearms.

Resources to Help You Grow

Maybe it’s something new, maybe you didn’t even know you wanted to know, these resources will help grow your abilities, enhance your safety procedures and guide you through your carry journey.

Finding The Optimal Position for Concealment

Every body is different. Using your body's unique landscape to your advantage can help you find the optimal carry position for concealment.

Learn How to Properly Conceal Carry

Tessah teaches Shelby how to properly conceal carry. The two discuss useful information on how to properly carry and how to find what is best for you. Tessah has Sheby try a Belt mounted holster and the PHLster Enigma holster!

My EDC and Why

Tessah’s EDC (Every Day Carry) What she carries and why.

Getting Started with a Basic Med Kit

Shelby talks about why it is important to have a med kit with you! She describes different types and what she includes in hers.

Your Carry Journey Lifestyle

Resources to help you shape your life around a more empowered, prepared mindset with product recommendations, fitness routines, and more.

The Foundation Belt

Designed with the concealed carrier in mind.

Hear from Tessah with Armed & Styled on her year-long journey to Concealed Carry

PHLster Enigma

Safely conceal in one easy-to-wear system that will work within your own lifestyle

Explore Other Phases Of Your Carry Journey

You're considering purchasing a firearm and looking for resources to make the right decision.

You own a gun or are familiar with firearms and want to learn more about how to be a safe and responsible gun owner.

You have your CCW and want to fine tune your abilities.

You're looking to improve your physical and mental skills and build a protector mindset.

Discover Dialogues

Insights, thoughts, and discussions led by real people, sharing first-hand their experiences, questions, gear, and their stories of how they got to where they are today.