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Explore Concealed Carry Laws in Your State

I Want a Firearm, But...

Aimee and Sara discuss the reasons why they both have a desire to carry, how they should carry and the importance of why you should care. Sarah is interested in expanding her Carry Journey.

Finding the Right Gun for You

Aimee and Ernest talk about finding the right gun for you. The Langdons bring up important factors on how you find what is right for you. Size, shootability, concealment and how you will carry the gun.

Be Comfortable and Confident with Safe Gun Handling

Handling a gun is intimidating for first-timers. Check out this video for some tips on how to get comfortable with safe gun handling.

Grip Technique with Ernest Langdon

Grip technique is important when it comes to learning how to grip your firearm. Many different 'techniques' have been taught. Ernest Langdon breaks down one of the most natural and simple forms to get you started with a solid foundation for grip and control of your firearm.

Muzzle Direction and How to Holster Safely

Tessah from Armed and Styled teaches us about muzzle direction and holstering safely.

Beginner's Guide to Ammo

From new shooters and first-time gun owners - this guide should cover everything you need to know before buy your first box of practice ammo.

Carrying Around Kids and Pets

Do you have small kids or dogs that like to jump up? In this video, Tessah talks about the importance of selecting a safe holster as a parent or guardian of children and pets.

Fabric Types and Concealment

Linen, Cotton, Silk, Wool, Cashmere and Fine Merino Wool and non-natural fibers.

Women and Concealed Carry (Pt. 1)

We are seeing more and more women (and men) take firearms ownership and/or concealed carry into consideration. In a four part series, Aimee Langdon, Sarah Hauptman and Tessah Gabrielle sit down and talk through the considerations that come into play.

Did you carry everyday when you first started? (Pt. 2)

Nope. For the most part, not everyone starts their carry journey by carrying everyday. Check this out for some of the things that helped these ladies grow in their carry journey.

How Proficient do I need to be? (Pt. 3)

HWhere does my level of proficiency need to be in order to carry? That is up to you - you have to start somewhere and what is the next step for you.

Do I carry chambered or unchambered? Check out what these ladies have to say.

What information should I follow? (Pt. 4)

There is so much information out there - how do you know what to follow? Here's what Sarah, Tessah and Aimee have to say.

ARMED & STYLED | Concealment Percentage Principle

How many times have you come across a post where someone says, "I'm buying a concealed carry carry gun, which is one is the best?" and they're met with 100 different responses? I come across those several times a week, and they rarely yield helpful results. I can't count the amount of times I was told to "just get a Glock 19" or "if I can conceal it, so can you", without any metrics to apply logic to the conversation. Well, now we have the metrics...

Learning How to Properly Conceal Carry

Tessah teaches Shelby how to properly conceal carry. The two discuss useful information on how to properly carry and how to find what is best for you. Tessah has Sheby try a Belt mounted holster and the PHLster Enigma holster.

How to Get the Best Concealment Possible

Trouble concealing? John and Sarah give some tips and tricks on how to get the best concealment possible. The Hauptmans define concealment, as well as give holster recommendations on proper concealment.

Finding the Optimal Carry Position for Concealment

Every body is different. Using your body's unique landscape to your advantage can help you find the optimal carry position for concealment! Let Sarah and Jon help you figure out your best carry position.

Choosing a Safe Holster

Educate yourself on how to make it safer with these three tips.

Proper Safe Appendix Draw

Trouble concealing? Jon and Sarah give some tips and tricks on How to get the best concealment possible. The Hauptmans define concealment, as well as give holster recommendations on proper concealment.

My EDC and Why

Tessah’s EDC (Every Day Carry) What she carries and why

Teaching Kids about Firearms and Firearms Safety.

If educating your kids on gun safety is important to you, teaching them how to be safe around guns and taking the curiosity away is essential. Education reduces incidence, so teaching your kids slowly and consistently is key to developing a healthy respect for guns.

Getting Started with a Basic Med Kit

Shelby talks about why it is important to have a med kit with you! She describes different types and what she includes in hers.

Interested in learning more about Emergency Trauma Response?

Check out this free course from our friends at Mountain Man Medical.

Do You Have Great Posture?

Confidence begins with you. Visually, our posture is indicated by our head, neck and eye position. Standing tall with good posture has many mind and health benefits - check out this video for how you can improve yours and why it will help you be a more confident person.

Improve Your Thoracic Mobility

How 5-minutes a day can improve your thoracic mobility, shoulder mobility and posture to help make you be more well-rounded in fitness.

Take Control of Your Fitness Today!

The Street Parking Program is for those who may be too busy, don’t have access to, can’t afford, or just don’t enjoy a regular gym. These workouts can be done with extremely limited equipment, in very little space, and in a short time if necessary. Or if you have more time and equipment – you will have those options too!

Episode 51- Tactical vs Non Tactical with Aimee Langdon